We’re delighted to unveil our new adventures for 2022 (and some for 2023)! While the global travel industry slowed down the past year and a half, our teams used this time wisely, working tirelessly to design fresh, inspiring trips in some of the world’s most fascinating locales. Our award-winning Trip Leaders are your personal ambassadors to these places, helping you find the hidden gems, experience classic destinations in a new way, and, along the way, introducing you to people and places you wouldn’t find on your own.

namibia waterhole etosha graffe
Wildlife Encounters from AfriCat to Etosha, Damaraland, Hoanib Valley, and the Legendary Skeleton Coast
Jan 21-Feb 3, 2023
Feb 18-Mar 3, 2023
zimbabwe imvelo elephant canoe
Thrilling Game Walks, Abundant Wildlife, Enchanting Lodges
WT Expedition
Apr 2-11, 2023
Apr 23-May 2, 2023
tanzania two elephants sunset
A World-Class Safari in Undiscovered National Parks
WT Expedition
Jun 2-13, 2023
Oct 5-16, 2023
sri lanka temple photographer
A Cultural and Wildlife Adventure
Best Months: Mid-December to March
bengal tigers india three water
Wildlife Safari in the World’s Famed Tiger Reserves
Oct 26-Nov 9, 2022
Mar 15-29, 2023
Oct 28-Nov 11, 2023
naqsh rustam fars province persepolis
And Persian New Year in Shiraz
WT Expedition with Roger Williams
Mar 6-26, 2023
uzbekistan samarkand square tile domes
A Cultural Odyssey from Samarkand to Khiva
WT Expedition with Hashmat Singh
May 2023
red panda india wildlife
Singalila, Kaziranga, and Darjeeling
WT Expedition with Devendra Basnet
Mar 30-Apr 10, 2023
church two people walking hike great britain cotswolds
Honey-Stone Villages, Coastal Trails, and Medieval Castles
Aug 21-31, 2022
Aug 20-30, 2023
portugal porto moniz sea cliffs santana
Historic Levada Trails, Subtropical Forests, and a Legendary Wine
WT Expedition with Skye McDonald or Nuno Portela
Sep 24-Oct 1, 2022
Apr 17-24, 2023
Sep 23-30, 2023
italy dolomites alpe di siusi seiser alm trentino alto adige
Gorgeous Walks, Relaxing Spas, and Great Cuisine
WT Expedition with JoAnn Lantz or Stefano Pozzi or Jean Claude Pucci
Sep 12-21, 2022
Jun 28-Jul 7, 2023
Aug 19-28, 2023
Sep 11-20, 2023
brazil pantanal jungle skiff boat tour
Exploring the World’s Largest Wetland
Aug 20-29, 2022
Sep 3-12, 2022
Jul 23-Aug 1, 2023
Aug 23-Sep 1, 2023
Sep 8-17, 2023
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peru colca canyon andean condor in flight
Historic Arequipa, Colca Canyon, Lake Titicaca, and the Salar de Uyuni
WT Expedition
Sep 29-Oct 11, 2023
patagonia torres del paine puma
Wildlife Adventures from Paine to Tierra del Fuego
WT Expedition
Feb 26-Mar 9, 2023
canada winter manitoba three polar bears standing alert ice
Frozen Tundras, Boreal Forests, and Tales of the Hudson Bay
Sep 25-30, 2022
Oct 3-8, 2022
Oct 8-13, 2022
Oct 11-16, 2022
Oct 14-19, 2022
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blackfoot native american dancer
Witness the Blackfeet Powwow, Hike the Rockies
WT Expedition
Jul 6-12, 2023
underwater sea turtle reef fish pacific wakatobi
Yacht-Based Adventure in Indonesia’s famed Coral Triangle
WT Expedition with Wendy Brown
Sep 19-26, 2022
Sep 11-18, 2023
Sep 18-25, 2023
komodo island
The Legendary Kimberley and Exotic Islands of Indonesia, Plus an Eclipse!
Apr 14-28, 2023
egypt giza pyramids camel
An Archaeology Exploration from Giza to Luxor
Dec 3-14, 2022
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